Our sensitive freight solutions

We work closely with our customers to understand and appreciate their specific sensitive freight needs and provide a customised solution.

Specialised Transport Solutions

    • Printer and copier relocation service
    • Vending machine relocation service
    • Commercial Fridge relocation service
    • Medical equipment relocation service
    • Catering equipment relocation service
    • Telecommunications relocation service
    • Artwork relocation service
    • ATM relocation service
    • Warehousing
    • Inventory reporting and management
  • Our Process

    How we ensure a Safe and Secure transit

    1. Expert consultants plan all the logistics associated with moving your sensitive freight.
    2. Review of the site is conducted to ensure a safe and smooth transition.
    3. Trained personnel assists with decommissioning and commissioning equipment.
    4. Utilise specialised packing for delicate items.
    5. Operate specialised vehicles for the movement of sensitive freight.
    6. Removal and disposal of packaging and any obsolete equipment.

    Our Capabilities

    Time Critical Deliveries

    Macknsons provide dedicated road transport to ensure that your time-critical sensitive freight is delivered when you want it, with vehicles to match your sensitive freight requirements.


    We invest in the latest logistics software to manage your assets with seamless integration into our warehousing system via our website.

    Our vehicles see all information in real-time, incorporating vehicle tracking, job details, capturing and tracking proof of delivery, and visual evidence of a successful delivery.


    Risk assessment is embedded in every part of our operation. We believe that all injuries are preventable and that every person has the right to go home safely.

    We are acutely aware of our obligations under OHS and CoR legislation, and use these documents and resources to inform business decisions at all levels.

    Macknsons is committed to being a safe place to work in this high-risk industry; our efforts in this area of our business is unrelenting.

    Our passion is providing unprecedented value to our customers

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